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We help you every step of the way to reach your fitness goals!


Training sessions on a one-to-one basis with your personal trainer. Receive the full attention and support you need with our One to One Personal Training service.

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Our small group personal training service allows you to exercise with others while still providing the support and motivation you need to allow you to reach your fitness goals.

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Are you interested in our personal training services and based in the Glasgow area? Find out more about where your nearest Get Results training location is based.

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If you are looking to improve your general fitness, lose weight or just start to live a more active and healthy lifestyle then Get Results Fitness can deliver the results you desire. With over 10 years experience of providing personal training services in Glasgow, Get Results Fitness can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Following the Get Results 5 Step Fitness Plan, your personal training instructor will help define your fitness goals and what you ultimately want to achieve. A bespoke exercise program is created to help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest period of time.


Voted Scotland's 3rd Best Personal Trainer

Voted Scotland’s 3rd Best Personal Trainer

During your program we provide expert nutritional advice. We will encourage you to eat a balanced healthy diet that will work in your best interests. The combination of a customised exercise plan and knowing exactly what you should eat, based on your fitness goals, will prevent you from making the most common fitness and weight loss mistakes we have seen over the years.

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We will not only instruct and motivate you, we will help create positive change in your life.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

To find out more about our personal training services we offer a free 30 minute consultation. We will offer as much advice as we can and the meeting is completely without obligation.

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Client Testimonials
  • Before starting with Get Results Fitness I was unhappy with myself,  had no motivation to do any exercise and the thought off walking into a gym terrified me. I was afraid that I would look like I didn’t know what I was doing and feel out of place in front of healthier members I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and my personal sessions with Paul at Get Results we took baby steps to get me over my worries and concerns about exercising and now I go to the gym on my own along as still attending my personal sessions to keep me moving in the right direction. The most significant difference since joining Get Results is losing inches but also I feel a lot more alive happier and not so tired all the time it is hard and you only get out what you put in but I feel so much better about myself now and also that friends and family are noticing the change in my shape this spurs me on.

    Donna Longwill
  • I started working with Get Results because I was getting a pain in my right knee after running. After speaking with Paul he thought it may be down to the lack of movement in my hip rather than my knee. At my initial session Paul  also noticed a few other postural issues with me. He devised a program for me and within a few weeks of seeing Paul my neck and knee pain were gone. I have now been equipped with the exercises and stretches to maintain a good posture and relieve pain. Paul has also provided me with nutritional advice to help me fuel my body properly.

    Craig Maciness
  • Before working with Get Results I was using the gym regularly, but not really seeing great results.  I was getting a bit bored with doing the same routine due to a lack of knowledge.  I also wasn’t aware of what and when I should be eating to complement my training, and the emphasis a good diet has over a good training program. I’d say the only reservation I had was whether I could commit to the nutritional side of it. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and advice, despite it being challenging.  I aim to continue working with GR to continue improving. The main thing I’ve achieved since joining the program is learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which I see as a lifelong benefit

    Craig Gibson
  • Paul Murphy at Get Results Fitness has been working with Dell and the staff on site at City Park for around 18 months and the results have been continually positive.  I have personally worked in Dell since it opened in City Park and in those 8 years, it is the only time I have seen people committed to the gym on site and moreover the personal training sessions available. Paul’s approach is very open and honest and he is willing to listen to all his clients to really understand their needs.  There has been a marked transformation on site with the number of people who have clearly taken on board his nutritional advice and I often see the people eating the same things for breakfast and many people with nuts etc on their desks for snacking. Not only has Paul made the exercise an enjoyable activity, he has also committed to working with Dell as an organisation in general and has held regular workshops and drop in sessions in the breakout areas.  Paul was particularly helpful when Dell committed a large amount of runners to do the 10K and half marathon for CHAS.  He came and presented to all the runners session on how to prepare and offered continued support through training hints and tips making it a very successful event for Dell overall. Paul has made his services available through a variety of options from lunchtime group sessions to personal 1-1's or buddy sessions which has meant there has been an option for every budget, something which I feel is very important.  We have a sports and social budget which the staff pay into on a monthly basis and it then gives them access to discounted services.  Pauls services have been one of the longest standing services which we have offered discount on.  This is a result of the continued high uptake and buy in from the staff. Thanks to Paul, Dell Glasgow is now a healthier, happier workforce :-) Of course with the odd blowout at the weekend but at the back of everyones mind, its always "what would Paul say!"

  • Before working with Katie at  Whitecraigs Tennis Club, I found it very hard to motivate myself to go to the gym, and when I did I wasn't sure of all the equipment so I would stick to the bike and the treadmill with limited results.

    The Get Results program came highly recommended, so I didn't have any reservations. I’m really enjoying he program and seeing the results. The motivation and support that comes from Katie keeps me going. I feel healthier, stronger and more confident.

    The most significant result has been the motivation to keep going and do more by myself.

    Julia Lavelle