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We have a very exciting announcement for you…

We have launched a brand new membership program that will allow us to greatly increase the number of people we can help who want to improve their health and vitality for many years to come!

If you have been following Get Results Fitness for a while you will know that for the past 11 years we have been obsessed with how we can prolong our clients good health.

We have been on courses, read lots of books and worked with 1,000’s of clients. From this we have pieced together a program to help over 50’s do everything they can within their control achieve vitality and longevity.

We choose to specialise in working with people over 50 for two main reasons:

  1. People over 50 are much more open to our message of creating a balanced lifestyle. Exercising appropriately and viewing your health as a marathon rather than a sprint.
  2. We wanted to do something about how badly served the over 50’s demographic are within the fitness industry.

Before starting Get Results fitness I worked in gyms for 10 years and I was the manager of a gym with over 5,000 members.

This allowed me to see first hand how bad things are for over 50’s who are wanting to take positive actions with their health.

I saw so many members in their 50’s ignored by trainers in their teens and 20’s. The ones who did get help were assigned a trainer who was straight out of a 6 weeks Personal Training course, who struggled to help them through:

  1. Lack of knowledge and understanding on how to train someone progressively.
  2. How to adapt a program that will work with any injuries or illnesses their clients may have.
  3. They only knew how to train one way: “Go hard or go home!”

But to be fair to a lot of younger trainers, someone at that stage in their life is going to find it difficult to relate to a person in their 50’s, 60’s or 70’s.

Then came 2020…

When covid hit and the nation was locked down in March we were forced to close our doors.

Up until then we were running a pretty successful one to one over 50’s program that was helping around 60-70 people each week achieve great things with their health and fitness. 

The closure of gyms meant we had the chance to pause, analyse and we began providing online training for our existing clients.

This was a revelation for me as a known technophobe!

From this, we realised we could to help many more people than we currently were.

Although we were getting incredible results and were always in demand, we understood there were two main barriers stopping some working with us:

  1. Cost.
  2. Accessibility (only 2 sites in Glasgow and our availability).

We had to find a way to make the program more accessible for more people.

I’m both proud and excited to say that today we have done both…

Fit After 50 Group Membership

Delivered online from the comfort of your own own home ensuring to cover absolutely everything you need to be:

  • Strong
  • Fit
  • Healthy

Making your body something you are proud of!

We believe there is nothing else out there like this program and we are very excited to have it up and running today!

A good over 50’s program must include:

  1. A well designed strength program that addresses the loss of muscle, strength and power that occurs as we get older.
  2. An all encompassing mobility workout that will help to deal with any stiffness, aches and pains that may be developing.
  3. A good sound knowledge of all things health and fitness.

How will this look in practice for you?

  1. You will get access to a strength session every week led by one of our expert trainers. Then you will be sent a copy of the workout to be done on your own between your sessions (2 strength sessions per week has been shown to be the optimal amount for over 50’s)
  2. Access to an instructor-led focused mobility session each week that will teach you how to move better and release any tight spots,while improving your overall posture.
  3. Regular workshops on health and fitness topics relevant to over 50’s.

When it comes to exercise, health and diet there is an exhausting amount of information out there and for most people it can be daunting to know what is the right advice to follow.

As part of your membership you will have access to regular workshops on a variety of health topics that will greatly enhance your understanding of health and fitness and will help you create a lifestyle that works for you.

Another essential part of the membership is the weekly sessions providing you with accountability. This is one of the core reasons anyone using a personal trainer succeeds, not just the expert knowledge and advice.

This means you keep moving forward, not losing motivation or momentum.

Being in the program also means you have trainers to answer any question you may have at any time.

All of this allows you to focus on what is important to you in your life. When it comes to your fitness you know that you just need to show up each week and everything else is taken care of.

Each workouts is varied and appropriate for all levels, so it will take away any fear or boredom that stops most people sticking to exercise consistently.

Not Tech Savvy?

Don’t worry, it’s really simple to access, you only have to click on a link and away we go.

If you have a phone, tablet or laptop it is so easy to set up. So please do not put off helping your fitness because you have never really done much online sessions before, it is very simple and we can help you get it in no time.

Nervous about being on screen?

When we are doing the session you can have your camera on or off, whatever you prefer.

If you are unsure of anything throughout the session your trainers are here to help you, that’s the whole point! Just ask any questions you might have.

Can’t commit to weekly sessions?

If for whatever reason you are unable to manage to join a session – don’t worry, we will send you a copy of the workout for you to do at your own convenience, so you will never need to miss a workout!

Not really a ‘gym person’ and have never been fit?

Perfect you are exactly the type of person we want to join our membership!

Over the years we have converted many non exercisers into someone who identifies themselves as a someone who works out regularly. We do this by taking a graduated approach and by being there for our clients every step of the way.

…and finally

When you join our membership you are invited to join our online community. This is a place where you will be amoung like minded people as we provide lots of great content. This takes the accountability up a notch again, encouraging each other to keep going and to enjoy the process.

We have saved the best news to last. You are getting all this for the amazing price of only

£55 per month
(which works out at £12.70 per week!)

To put that into context, the cost of this normally working directly in a 1 to 1 setting with us and all the additional help would be over £200 per month …and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

If you want to get involved in this unique over 50 Fitness Program click the button and fill out the short form to get started straight away…

Look At how Sharon, A 59 Year Old Lady From Glasgow With A Stomach Ulcer & Knee Problems Dropped 3 Dress Sizes, Feeling Her Best In 15 years! …and how you too can see results in as little as a few weeks with Scotland’s Personal Trainer Of The Year finalist!

Learn how our online coaching along with some lifestyle advice transformed Sharon’s confidence, energy, and sleep, and she no longer needs her medication!

Sharon’s story in her own words:

“When I met Paul I was so fed up with myself and the way I looked was affecting my personality. I was heavier than I had ever been in my life, I was so uncomfortable in my clothes and hated looking in mirrors. I was also on medication for stomach ulcer due to an unhealthy lifestyle and have a knee condition which was under extra strain due to all the weight I was carrying. 

“I was on a vicious circle of eating to excess from every emotion. In previous years I tried various “diets” – Slimming World, Scottish Slimmer, Weight Watchers etc. where I eventually just put the weight back on and more!

“I was at the end of my tether, I had booked a holiday for November and didn’t want to go the size I was. 

“That’s when I met Paul – I didn’t realise that day he was going to change my life so drastically. Paul arranged for one of his team to go through coaching with me and I started to make to my lifestyle healthier, more balanced and I’ve never looked back.

“In the session my coach explained the importance of good nutrition and exercise and I have managed to lose 3 dress sizes in 3 months and achieve my goal of being the size I wanted to be for my holiday! I also no longer need medication for my stomach as my lifestyle is so much healthier.

“I started working with my coach on a weekly basis doing One to One coaching. I never realised just how drastically exercise could change your shape. My coach made a plan targeting exactly what I needed. I was so unfit in the beginning and I hadn’t exercised in years but my coach made it enjoyable. 

“I feel so much healthier now and look so much better than I’ve done in 15 years. I’m not on medication anymore, I’m 3 sizes smaller than I was at the beginning of August. I’m in much better shape too, have much more energy, confidence, I sleep much better and just enjoy life so much more now too!

“Paul and the team have been absolutely brilliant and I owe him so much. They kept me motivated and on track and always seems to be genuinely interested in my progress. They made exercise enjoyable, which I never found before. My coach has also shown me the correct way of getting results fast and I also now love working out and look forward to my session every week too, where I know my coach will be there with a big smile, pleasant manner and plenty of motivation to help me reach my goals. 

“I know I couldn’t have dropped 3 sizes in such a short space of time without the Get Results Team’s help, they’ve changed my life for the better and I will continue to have regular coaching to ensure I improve my fitness to the best I can achieve!”

Are You Interested?

Select a date and time using the calendar below and get on a call with Paul “Scotland’s Personal Trainer Of The Year” finalist. On the call discuss your goals, any issues you my have and find out if our online training is right for you. We want to make sure this is the right program for you first before we sign you up.

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