“Paul Murphy from Get Results Fitness came to speak to our team at a work event and was inspirational. In a high energy workshop Paul excelled in explaining the importance of fitness, exercise and diet to our health and why so often we fail. He understood the pressures of modern life and that busy professionals are often ‘time poor’ and gave us useful advice on how to get the most from our limited time. His session delivered a real punch and a number of our delegates have signed up to his programme since. Thanks Paul!”

The Challenge

Burness Paull are a law firm with over 480 staff operating in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. This year they have worked on over £100bn deals in more than 60 jurisdictions. Their one goal is to be the Scotlands best law firm.

They were looking to:


  • Reduce staff sick days and lower health care costs
  • Have people back to work sooner after sickness and illness
  • Ensure staff had improved self-worth and lower stress levels
  • Ensure staff had Increased concentration and work focus
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Have greater staff satisfaction and retention
  • Create a positive corporate image

The Solution

Get Results Fitness offer a free workshop that businesses always find useful.

Fitness for Busy Professionals is designed to help your staff deal with the demands of modern life.  At Get Results Fitness we know that time is a major barrier which prevents people from exercising regularly. Where time is not an issue, motivation or knowing which program or diet to follow are just some of the many reasons which prevent people from taking action for the benefit of their health.

We have developed a program that helps even the busiest of professionals find a way to stay healthy. We offer tips on how to exercise with limited time, we discuss ways in which you can eat healthily without placing too many demands on your time and also look at some ways to cope with stress and create a better work / life balance. This is all delivered in an interactive and informative workshop for your staff and can also be tailored to suit your company’s unique requirements.

The Results

Not only did the staff of Burness Paull receive a first class workshop full of useful information on exercise, diet, nutrition and stress – several became members of the Get Results Fitness training programme! Here’s what they had to say…

David Morgan, Partner

“4 years ago, I could barely run around the block! I was approaching 40 and was overweight, blaming it on having no time to get fit and healthy because of work and having two young children. Then I started running and working with Get Results. I have now ran 4hr 45 min 7 sec for my first marathon at Amsterdam and in the best shape of my life! I treat the gym sessions like business appointments and have rarely missed a session. This the first time I have ever been able to stick to an exercise program.”

Ray Gribben, Partner

“I needed to start working with Get Results Fitness as I was not happy with my body shape / appearance nor level of fitness. I had “let myself go” a bit. Since starting the program I am now thinner; fitter; more active; toned; increased confidence in myself and personal appearance. More focused on good nutrition and sensible eating too. I am confident that my body is being worked in the right way and effectively. I am delighted with the results and you’d be surprised at how quickly you can achieve them.”

Pauline McCulloch, Senior Solicitor

“There’s always an excuse for skipping exercise or eating junk, especially when working long hours with less time for the gym and meal planning. I attended sessions with Paul and used the workout he had designed for me when training alone. Paul also advised and supported me on how to manage my nutrition and change my habits – I can’t believe how much my approach to my own lifestyle changed. By the time I reached my wedding day I was feeling and looking my very best. I couldn’t have done it without Get Results!”

Jennifer Neill, Associate

“Before meeting the Get Results team, I hadn’t been able to find any form of exercise that I could stick to. I attended a session with Paul once a week, and fitted in a workout that he had specifically designed for me to do at home. I was really surprised with the great results I had in a short time. His practical nutrition advice was really helpful, and made me realise that I didn’t have to follow any crazy diets to get the results I wanted! When I got engaged, I knew I wanted to maintain my new exercise and nutrition regime. Thanks to Paul, that was easy, and I felt my very best on my wedding day!”

The Benefits

Getting expert advice and guidance on how to develop your health and wellness program can really separate your company from your competitors. We suggest starting small and finding out what your staff would like from a health and wellness program, giving you a good foundation to build from.

Employees who feel valued and rewarded work more efficiently, are more enthusiastic and general have more energy. Offering your employees this Get Results corporate program not only keeps them fit and focused, but helps your business to run at peak performance.

Learn More

Some of our other corporate clients…

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