Corporate Health & Wellness Program

At Get Results fitness we believe that if you invest in the health of your employees you will quickly reap the rewards. A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce.

Getting expert advice and guidance to develop your health and wellness program can really separate your company from the masses.

Employees who feel valued and rewarded work better and with more energy. Offering your employees the Get Results Corporate program not only keeps them fit and focused, but helps your business to run at peak performance.

You will notice:


  1. Fewer staff sick days and lower health care costs

  2. Improved self-worth and lower stress levels

  3. Greater concentration and work focus

  4. Increased productivity and performance

  5. Greater staff retention

Paul Murphy at Get Results Fitness has been working with Dell and the staff on site at City Park for around 18 months and the results have been continually positive.  I have personally worked in Dell since it opened in City Park and in those 8 years, it is the only time I have seen people committed to the gym on site and moreover the personal training sessions available.

Paul’s approach is very open and honest and he is willing to listen to all his clients to really understand their needs.  There has been a marked transformation on site with the number of people who have clearly taken on board his nutritional advice and I often see the people eating the same things for breakfast and many people with nuts etc on their desks for snacking.

Not only has Paul made the exercise an enjoyable activity, he has also committed to working with Dell as an organisation in general and has held regular workshops and drop in sessions in the breakout areas.  Paul was particularly helpful when Dell committed a large amount of runners to do the 10K and half marathon for CHAS.  He came and presented to all the runners session on how to prepare and offered continued support through training hints and tips making it a very successful event for Dell overall.

Paul has made his services available through a variety of options from lunchtime group sessions to personal 1-1’s or buddy sessions which has meant there has been an option for every budget, something which I feel is very important.  We have a sports and social budget which the staff pay into on a monthly basis and it then gives them access to discounted services.  Pauls services have been one of the longest standing services which we have offered discount on.  This is a result of the continued high uptake and buy in from the staff.

Thanks to Paul, Dell Glasgow is now a healthier, happier workforce :-) Of course with the odd blowout at the weekend but at the back of everyones mind, its always “what would Paul say!”


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