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Are you 50 or over?

Dive into a fitness journey that not only improves flexibility but also elevates your daily life by enhancing sporting performance and reducing the risk of injuries. And guess what? You can achieve all of this from the cozy corner of your home!

About Get Results Fitness

At Get Results Fitness, we’re not just another fitness brand, we’re genuinely here to help. We specialise in creating fitness experiences tailored for those aged 50 and beyond.

Our goal? To make sure you keep moving with grace, strength, and vitality as the pages of your life turn.


The Stretch & Posture Class

Designed especially for YOU, our class is the answer for those who:

  • Can’t step into our in-person gym sessions
  • Are seeking to complement their gym routines
  • Have sports regimens

With a holistic stretch and posture class.

Here is how our class is THE class for you:

No Gym? No Problem!

Our classes break the traditional fitness barriers! There’s no need to step into a gym. All you need is a phone or laptop, a mat, and a resistance band.

Flexible Timing!

We understand life can get busy. That’s why our classes are accessible for you to follow along whenever it fits your schedule best.

Budget Friendly

At just £11.99, our class is set at an incredibly affordable rate, offering you high end fitness guidance with fitness experts specialising in over 50’s fitness.

Enrich your life with movements that matter

Become a part of our fitness family today and embark on a journey that promises enhanced mobility, vigor, and a spring in every step!

FREE Trial Class

We’re offer a free trial class to ensure our class is right for you. Experience firsthand the magic our classes bring, and we’re confident you’ll be back for more!

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What Our Clients Say

More Happy Members

Ray Gribben

I decided that I needed to start working with Get Results Fitness as I was not happy with my body shape/appearance nor level of fitness. I had “let myself go” a bit. Since starting the program I am now thinner; fitter; more active; toned; increased confidence in myself and personal appearance. More focused on good nutrition and sensible eating too.I feel very much more relaxed and motivated with the program and in having a trainer than I have previously as a member of a gym. I am more confident that I am getting the right direction on my exercise program and that my body is being worked in the right way and effectively. To someone still on the fence about joining Get Results Fitness I would say do it ! I am delighted with the results and you’d be surprised at how quickly you can achieve them.

Lisa Mitchell

Before starting with Get Results I was fed up following ‘ faddy’ diets and wanted to learn how to eat properly and get advice on exercise that would be best for me. In the time I have been working with them have dropped two dress sizes and I feel a lot healthier than I have for a very long time. I have really enjoyed learning all about the health and nutrition aspect of the program. I loved going to my sessions every week and I felt that the trainers were very encouraging and had your best interests at heart. I have tried all the ‘fad’ diets under the sun and after joining this program I have totally changed my mindset about what I should eat and how I can live a healthier life. Although I haven’ t reached my target yet I am still very much motivated to continue on my road to success. I can not recommend the program highly enough, full of great advice and trainers who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

John Harvey

At 76 years old I found myself becoming stiff and inflexible after a hip operation. I was starting to find it a bit more difficult to play my golf and tennis. I was referred to Get Results by a friend who had seen great improvements in how they move after joining the program. After 3 months of the program I am definitely more flexible and hope this will allow me to continue to play my sports for many years to come.

Carol Miller

I have been training with Get Results for over 2 months and WOW – what a difference. I was stuck in a rut – working out 3 times a week at the gym and seeing no results. With Paul’s help and advice I have changed how/what and when I eat and completely changed my work out regime. I would definitely recommend the Get Results program to anyone – whether you are a novice or regular gym goer as their pointers have helped me enormously.

Alan P Fulton

For many years now my wife and I have taken a keen interest in keeping fit and healthy eating. At our age now and with busy lives running our own business, we were aware that it is getting increasingly more difficult to keep our weight and fitness at, what for us are acceptable levels. Having seen a number of so called Personal Trainers in operation who’s knowledge is to say the least questionable, it was refreshing to find a company who has not only the knowledge of training the individual for their specific needs, but has a great knowledge of how the body works and can give good nutritional advice. An added bonus is their ability to carry out some work to help with posture problems and muscle strains. Having finished our first course of sessions we are back from holiday ready, and looking forward to have you work with us again over the upcoming months. Thank you for what you have done for us so far and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone requiring your services.

Donna Longwill

Before starting with Get Results Fitness I was unhappy with myself,  had no motivation to do any exercise and the thought off walking into a gym terrified me. I was afraid that I would look like I didn’t know what I was doing and feel out of place in front of healthier members. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and my personal sessions with Paul at Get Results we took baby steps to get me over my worries and concerns about exercising and now I go to the gym on my own along as still attending my personal sessions to keep me moving in the right direction. The most significant difference since joining Get Results is losing inches but also I feel a lot more alive happier and not so tired all the time it is hard and you only get out what you put in but I feel so much better about myself now and also that friends and family are noticing the change in my shape this spurs me on!

Paul Murphy
Owner & Lead Personal Trainer
Get Results Fitness

Scotland’s Personal Trainer Of The Year Finalist

Call: 07906 599 210
Email: paul@www.getresultsfitness.co.uk

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