Hi everyone!

I thought I would drop you a quick blog today to give you an idea of what our business is most likely going to look like when we get through lock down and get back up and running properly again.

First off I wanted to assure all of our face to face clients that we will be seeing when we return: We will be strictly following government guidelines to keep you as safe as we possibly can regarding COVID 19. We will also be working closely with both tennis clubs to ensure that all parties are satisfied with what we will be offering and we will keep you updated with these as we progress.

On another note, the change in our circumstances caused by the lockdown has led us to take a pause and evaluate how our business was operating.

This pause, as well as experiencing actually training clients online for the first time led us to the conclusion that we could adapt our model to allow us to work more efficiently with our clients.

It also made us acknowledge that we would like to work with more people and help spread our message further. With this in mind I have invested in an online trainer certification to teach us everything we need to know in order to successfully support more clients remotely, which I’m progressing through nicely at the moment.

There were a few factors that have led us to the decision:

  • Being better at training online allows us to enhance our current services to the one to one clients we see in person, by providing better program support and being able to offer online sessions.
  • Having an online program will allow us to work with clients who are not in close proximity to our gyms. We truly believe that our over 50’s fitness program is unmatched, so we don’t want to only offer this to people who happen to work or live near us.
  • Online training is much more achievable for people with busy lives, as they are not tied down to being at our gym at a specific time each week. They will be able to fit online sessions into their schedule much easier.
  • We also wanted to offer online training to allow us to work with anyone who is not comfortable within a gym environment, which we believe will increase due to the virus. For these people we will be able to provide them a successful program they can do from their own home, starting with minimal equipment.

Myself, Jim and Neil have all been very pleasantly surprised at how well the sessions have been going with our clients we are currently training online. They are all reporting that the sessions are really enjoyable and still meeting clients fitness needs.

This has certainly dispersed any worries we had about online training, as well increasing our eagreness to offer more services online moving forward.

We will be blending our services to include a hybrid program – where you could be seeing us face to face when you need it and then everything else is done online!

In a nutshell you can view our services in one of two ways:

  1. You continue with us face to face or online, where we see you 1-3 times per week and give you sessions to work with in between. We also provide you with weekly accountability and support.
  2. You have a second option where we act more as a fitness consultant. We can oversee your program remotely and schedule in sessions and chats as required.

So my call to action today is aimed at two groups:

  1. Those who have worked with us in the past and had to stop because of the logistics of getting to us, or where the expense was too much long-term. We now have a solution that will allow you to access our expertise and support without you having to come and see us in person (or perhaps come and see us in person less frequently than before).
  2. The second group are the clients we are currently working with. This change in our business will now allow you to refer us to almost any of your friends our colleagues who you know would benefit working with us. We ask that you give some thought to this and pass on our details where you feel appropriate.

We will be opening up free consultation slots soon, where you can get on a zoom call with us and find out how this program works. Then you can decide the best option to suit you (or your friends).

Paul and the Get Results Team

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