Our consultation process at Get Results Fitness is something we are particularly proud of, as it has helped hundreds of clients over the years make some pretty amazing changes in their lives!

…but more importantly it has helped them make changes they can stick to, long after January is finished. When you look back on your New Year’s Resolutions over the years how many have you managed to stick with long term?

After the year we have all had I wanted to share our consultation with you all for FREE!

I truly believe that getting fitter and healthier and perhaps improving our mindset towards ourselves could be just what we need to do to get us back on our feet, or perhaps get us through whatever is still to come our way over the coming weeks and months.

For most people the way they tend to set goals is severely flawed. By just saying what you plan to achieve or are going to do is nowhere near enough to keep you sticking with it. So if your new year’s resolution is something like:

”I am going to lose weight and get fit”

Don’t worry – we have you covered. We will (virtually) take you through the consultation process together step-by-step. It is set out in order of the sections we want you to answer. Just watch each video before filling out the section.

As I say this is the missing piece for most people who start and then fail with their new year’s resolution so don’t make the same mistake this year!

Fill out the consultation form below!

I look forward to hearing how you get on with it! When you put in your answers below and hit the Submit button you will recieve your responses in a neat email for you to look at whenever you need a reminder (ideally daily) – or you can of course print them off – whatever you prefer.

Keep me updated on your progress and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Consultation Summary


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