Who else hates the gym?

As most of you know I run a Personal Training business in Glasgow that specialises in weight loss for over 40,s and I normally do my own workouts in our small studios, but this week I went to a big chain gym and it only reaffirmed to me why there is such a large...

How to stay in shape this summer

Many of us get really motivated in the run up to summer to get in shape as we know we are going to have to have more flesh on show and won’t be able to cover up under the layers of clothes the way we do in the winter, or you may have a holiday come up that gets you...

How to fix rounded

Do you suffer from rounded shoulder? Does it annoy you how it looks or are you starting to have aches and pains in your neck and shoulder because of it. Many of our Personal Training clients in Glasgow have been delighted to see the positive effect fixing rounded...

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