Think yourself healthy !

Think your way into shape !! Often the number one reason for not achieving your fitness goals can be attributed to your mindset and beliefs. For many there is a real lack of belief that you can actually achieve your goals. The body won’t go where the mind can’t...

oh we’re halfway there..

As  bon jovi sang oh were halfway there; halfway through 2014 ; halfway through the year already! Now is a great time to take stock and see how well our new year’s health and fitness resolutions have gone so far. Are you on course to smash the goals you set or has it...

5 Steps to a better back health

A staggering number of people will experience at least one episode of back pain in their lifetime. To avoid joining that list or to help anyone with a current or recurring back issue we have designed a   simple 5 steps  plan to better back. 1) Stretch Daily Many back...

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