How to Enjoy Christmas Without The Weight Gain

We are now entering the most challenging period of the year to stay on track with our health and fitness goals; however it is easier than you think to stay on track. From now until the start of January we suggest that for the majority of people the target should be to...

Coffee: Good or Bad For Your Health?

Every few months, yet another study emerges either hailing the benefits of caffeine or listing its pitfalls. It’s no wonder people are confused. This week I will discuss the health implications linked to caffeine and look at if and when caffeine is appropriate to...

Why Does Your Body Store Fat?

Without a shadow of a doubt the number one reason for fat storage for most people can be attributed to too much insulin being released on a regular basis. First off I will give you a brief overview of what insulin is and what its main roles are;  Insulin is a hormone...

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