Why is staying in shape harder as we get older?

Well have you noticed it? Are you starting to find that it is harder to keep weight off these days? Does it feel like you could eat what you wanted when you were younger but now you just need to walk past a buffet and you put weight on? Well it is not your...

5 Simple steps to get in shape this summer

Summer is finally on its way, are you now starting to worry about having to wear clothes that show off your body more, or have you booked a summer holiday that will mean going to the beach or spending time by the pool? Have these worries ruined your holidays and...

Clear your Kitchen Clear Out!

Almost everywhere you go these days you are bombarded with food and the food we are bombarded with is mostly unhealthy food. This means our will power is constantly challenged and it can be tough to stay on track because of this (our local sport centre now has a...

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