Why is staying in shape harder as we get older?

Well have you noticed it? Are you starting to find that it is harder to keep weight off these days? Does it feel like you could eat what you wanted when you were younger but now you just need to walk past a buffet and you put weight on? Well it is not your...

Why Dieting Makes You Fat

Have you, or anyone you know, ever gone on a diet? I would bet almost every single person reading this article answered yes to this question. Next question: Did the diet work for you or the person you are thinking of? If you answered yes to this, I would like you to...

Top 3 Tips to Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Very often my clients tell me “I have a slow metabolism, so I struggle to lose weight”. This is a very common misconception about losing weight and general health. Your metabolism is something that you are born with, and that we can not truly influence. To...

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