Without a shadow of a doubt the number one reason for fat storage for most people can be attributed to too much insulin being released on a regular basis.

First off I will give you a brief overview of what insulin is and what its main roles are;  Insulin is a hormone released from the pancreas (you may often hear insulin being referred to as a storage hormone)When insulin  is released it acts like a  key opening up all the cells to allow nutrients to be stored. This process allows your body to absorb and store the carbohydrates, proteins and fats in each of your meals.

The main role of insulin is to metabolise carbohydrates. When you eat carbohydrates that are high in sugar or starch there is a big surge of insulin that will follow. This is a safety mechanism as having too much sugar in the blood stream is toxic to the body. To lower the blood sugars the body will release insulin which converts sugars into stored carbohydrates in your liver and muscles. Unfortunately these storage sites have a very limited space so the body will then open up the fat stores and quickly shunt the sugars in our adipose tissues (fat stores). Herein lies the problem, the body has an almost limitless storage capacity within the fat stores. You keep feeding the body sugar and it will happily keep shovelling that sugar into your fats stores (well at least until the insulin mechanism burns out, setting you on the path to diabetes). Another problem associated with high insulin levels is that the body overcompensates and drains almost all the sugar out the blood when insulin is released causing you to experience low blood sugar levels. When this occurs you feel tired, lethargic and will have strong cravings for sugary foods. This tends to happen mid- morning late afternoon following a sugary/starchy meal. This is when you crave a bar of chocolate or coffee to spike your energy levels back up (sound familiar?). This is the rollercoaster many people find themselves on each day. So no matter how motivated you are too eat healthy, if your body is regularly experiencing highs and lows in your sugar levels  you will ultimately end up making high sugar poor/ quality food choices as these are the  emergency signals your brain is sending for you to go and get more sugar!

I have coached 100’s of clients over the years that have seen and felt massive changes when they break free from the insulin/sugar cycle. They often report of no longer having to battle with weight loss and are amazed at the increased energy levels and improved health they are now experiencing.  This simple understanding of blood sugar levels and its link to fat storage and craving is so often overlooked when people are going to slimming classes and going on diets. However this concept is the number priority for all clients at Get Results to grasp and we spend lots of time teaching these concepts to our clients to ensure they achieve outstanding results and most importantly have the tools to maintain their fat loss results for life.

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