Think your way into shape !!

Often the number one reason for not achieving your fitness goals can be attributed to your mindset and beliefs. For many there is a real lack of belief that you can actually achieve your goals. The body won’t go where the mind can’t imagine.

If you are struggling to picture yourself ever being in great shape or with excellent health, you are very unlikely to ever get there.  Napoleon Hill said “imagination is the most powerful thing known to man”.

Everything in life is created twice, once in the mind and then in the physical state. Over the years I have asked many people in the gym what is your goal from coming to the gym and an amazingly small amount of people can give me a clear and concise answer.  For me this is a huge reason why you see so many people starting and failing with a fitness program.  We must first create a crystal clear vision of exactly what it is you are going to achieve.

For the few that actually start to think of goals they then find they very quickly shoot down these goal through negative self- talk where we talk our self out of ever achieving such things. So why do we do this, why do we consistently do everything we can to sabotage ourselves. As humans we are continuously in conversation with ourselves (no you are not the only one having those internal conversations all day every day). We are very much a product of these conversations. If you are regularly berating yourself and thinking negative thoughts you are going to have negative experiences and make your fears and worry’s a realization. You must start to tune in more to these conversation you are having and actually question the tripe you are telling yourself

Another stumbling block to success can be the subconscious beliefs that have been established by everything we have experienced, been taught or have seen over the years. These subconscious beliefs drive many of our behaviors. If subconsciously you think you will fail you will find the behaviors to support this belief and make this happen. Contrastingly if you have a real belief that you will achieve your goals no matter what, you are far more likely to succeed.  You will seek out the things you need to do to make it happen. If you were told when you were young, you are not sporty, or you have no will power you will have been programmed to believe these false beliefs.   So the first step in our Get Results program is to start to influence your subconscious beliefs .The example I often use to demonstrate subconscious beliefs is that if you held a belief that everyone who goes to a gym is a poser, the first thing you would see when you entered the gym would be the posers in their vests. You would tune out all the normal people working out all around you. However if one of the normal people in the gym approached you and started a nice conversation with you your subconscious belief will have been challenged slightly. However for a belief to really change you will often need to challenge it several times.  If over the first few months of that person being at the gym they encountered lots of nice people they would slowly change their beliefs.  Our subconscious beliefs can also be changed instantly, if you still believed the world was flat and someone shot you right up into space you would see that the world is actually flat and change your belief instantly.

To truly change we must change our thoughts at a subconscious level. A study carried out on ex drug users found that those that held the belief that they were a ‘recovering drug addict’ were far more likely to start using drugs again when compared with ex addicts who saw themselves in a totally new way. One person in the study was exercising regularly and saw himself as an athlete. He never went never went back to using drugs. He had changed his subconscious beliefs.

Over next few days start to tune into your self-talk.  For many it will be surprising how negative you are about yourself (even those who think they are confident!) and listen how often you’re telling yourself things such as you are not good enough to do that, or what if you fail. Start to really question these thoughts, as often they are unfounded and when we think logically there is nothing stopping you from going ahead and doing it.

Finally make sure you have your vision crystal clear and think about it as often as you can. Remember your mind can not tell the difference between what you are imaging and what actually reality is. If you can imagine anything strongly enough you will make it happen. Conquer the mind and your possibilities are limitless.

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