Summer is finally on its way, are you now starting to worry about having to wear clothes that show off your body more, or have you booked a summer holiday that will mean going to the beach or spending time by the pool? Have these worries ruined your holidays and summer before ? Worry not, you are not alone. We have all tried to get in shape for summer and failed. But this year let’s get a plan together that will guarantee you success.

1) Think about what you want

Many people when they are setting goals focus on what they don’t want (I don’t want to be fat, or I hate my clothes being tight). When you think this way all you are doing is programming your brain towards these things and you will act in ways that will support these beliefs. You must focus on the things that you do want- Visualise yourself looking great, think about how good it will feel when you achieve it and think of as many reason as possible why you want to do it.

2) Exercise Smarter

Beyond any shadow of doubt there are faster ways and there are slower ways to get in shape. If you walk into any health club a huge percentage of people in there will be doing it the slower way!

If you want to burn fat and improve your body shape, you have to do big full body movements and you must vary your workout regularly. A workout becomes less effective after only 8 sessions, so do not waste your time churning out the same workout from now until the summer and don’t spend hours on a cardio machine hoping it will work this time.

You have to challenge the body and make it adapt and change. This is when the magic of a raised metabolism can start to occur.

3) Understand the power of food

Nutrition is such a misunderstood area, there are more diets and nutritional experts out there than can be counted but when you think about it there are very few people achieving long term success with their fat loss plans. This is because very few people really understand the basic principles behind how to burn fat and more importantly how to achieve sustainable fat loss. It is not about counting calories or eating low fat foods and it is certainly not about starving yourself.

If you can master the three simple principles detailed below you will never need to diet again!

You must learn how to balance your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar put your body into a fat storing mode and low blood sugar levels causes you to have really strong cravings for unhealthy foods and makes you more likely to overeat. When you are stuck in this cycle you will forever find it difficult to burn fat and you will always battle with cravings.

Eighty to ninety percent of your diet must come from natural foods. Chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits. Obesity and the diet industry did not exist until we started eating processed foods. It is a simple as that! If it was not readily available 100 years ago then give it a miss.

Lastly eat foods that increase your metabolism. Some foods use up energy to digest, these tend to be foods that contain higher levels of protein and essential fats. Proteins in particular need to be broken down and converted and around 30% of the calories in protein are burned up in their digestion. Eating foods like these will cause your body to use up more energy every day and this is the number one secret to a leaner body shape.

4) You must believe and commit

If you can’t picture yourself on that beach in better shape I can guarantee you that it will never happen. If you are saying I am going to try and get in shape this summer, or I would like to get in shape then there is a belief issue there. It has got to be a case of when not if you achieve it. If you follow these simple four steps we have laid out today there is no way you can fail. You must commit 100% to your goal. Failure is not an option

5) Getting moving

Again it is all about how much energy you can burn up each day. If you can start to walk more; take the stairs at work; do more manual jobs or cycle to places you are your calorie burn will increase greatly each day.

So if you think about it logically there are two things that you need to master to make this summer the year that you achieve a body that you are proud of. First of you must have the mindset required to succeed and secondly you must turn yourself into fat burning machine with a super charged metabolism.

If you would like some support this year to achieve your summer goal we have programs that guarantee results.

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