As most of you know I run a Personal Training business in Glasgow that specialises in weight loss for over 40,s and I normally do my own workouts in our small studios, but this week I went to a big chain gym and it only reaffirmed to me why there is such a large number of the population hating and not going to gyms or struggling sticking with their exercise program.

To start with the environment is all wrong, loud blaring music with big mirrors might be good for the diehards that love a pose whilst they lift their weights but for everyone else it is a major turn off. Then there is the lines and lines of mind numbingly boring cardio machines churning away and every single person on them looking miserable counting down the time until they can get the hell out of there.

I was in the gym for about an hour and in that time I watched a guy in his mid 40’s who was overweight go from 4 different types of abdominal machines to then do some weird and wonderful things with the weights, then when I went into the changing rooms he was having a sugar laden energy drink. This really upset me as I imagine it must have taken a lot of courage and motivation for him to get started and join the gym but what he had done for the past hour was pretty much pointless, but what frustrated me even more was the fact that three of the fitness staff stood by chatting and watched as he nervously manoeuvred his way around the gym.

From experience this is typical of the four things stopping people going to or sticking with the gym; lack of time; lack of results; no accountability and boredom. Today I am going to show you how you can overcome these problems.

If you are going to the gym, doing some cardio (bike, treadmill, x trainer) then doing a few weights and sit ups, you are pretty much ticking all three of these boxes and you will eventually give up frustrated at your lack of success

Let’s look at the time aspect first- modern life is causing us to be more and more squeezed for time, so it is vital that you utilise the limited time that you do have in the gym in the most effective manner that you can. To achieve this you must do three simple things, lift weights; do big dynamic movements that overload both the muscles and heart at the same time and finally change something in your routine at least every 6 sessions. This point kind of covers the lack of results problem as training this way is going to be a lot more results driven.

Next you need to find the right environment, somewhere that you feel comfortable to be in (that is why I am fan of the small studios). Unfortunately our climate doesn’t really lend itself to exercising outside so realistically you are probably going to have to find an environment indoors that works for you (unless you are made of tough stuff!). To overcome the boredom factor you need to find a way of exercising that stimulates you and challenges you. We spend a most of our day sitting at computers or in the car, it is vital that you get up and moving more dynamically! Believe it or not working out can be fun if you do it the correct way.

Finally research shows that making yourself accountable can be a great way to success, you can do this by posting your goals on your social media pages, doing a rewards/punishment scheme; train with a friend or get a coach who will guide and inspire you as well as provide accountability.

So you’re not alone in hating the gym, I work in the industry and I find it hard to tolerate the big gym experience, I get how hard it must be for those that are less confident in that environment or struggle to stick with it. Hopefully these tips will help you to fall in love with living a healthy lifestyle. Once you do you will be amazed at how many areas of your life being healthy has a positive impact on.

We are looking for 4 people who are over 40 who want to look better, feel better and move better.

So if you are finding it harder to lose weight, feel your energy levels are starting to decline and worry that you won’t have your health forever then watch video below to find out our 5 Steps to Being Fit After 40


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