On a recent weekend away with my family I was able to spend lots of quality time with my nieces and nephew. This really opened my eyes to how important it is to be in good health if you really want to enjoy quality time with your family.

In 3 days we didn’t stop: we climbed trees for chestnuts, went big walks, had races, played football, and even went swimming in a loch (in Autumn in Scotland!!!). This made me really appreciate how lucky I am to live a healthy life and have boundless energy every day, especially when I compare this to what I see more and more often which is tired parents putting kids in front of TV’s and computers to keep them occupied or dismissing the kids request to play with them. This isn’t because they do not want to; it’s because they feel tired and barely have enough energy to move from the couch. This inspires me to spread the health and fitness message more and have as many families as possible reaping the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

With my first child on the way I cannot wait to show them the benefits of living a healthy and balanced life.

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