Ok you know the many reasons to exercise and eat healthy and you really want to experience all these well know benefits that come with being fit and healthy so how come you can never stick with it long enough to make it a lifestyle change forever? Over the next few weeks we are going to break down the reasons why so few people can stick to a healthier lifestyle and give you a plan to get healthy and more importantly stay healthy!

Reason 1: You haven’t made it important enough to you.

If your thought process only goes as deep as ‘I know I need to lose weight and get in shape’, you are very unlikely to see it through and make it a lifetime behaviour. By only thinking of your health and fitness goals at such a low limited level will have little to no impact on your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is the main driver of your behaviours.

So too truly impact on your subconscious mind you must really unravel the reasons why you want to improve your health and fitness. The bigger the reasons and number of reasons for why you want to achieve this and also the more you think of them, the greater the impact it will have subconsciously on you. Only then will your behaviours start to change to match these subconscious beliefs.

If you can then honestly mark all your reasons why out of 10  (10 being high). If you score higher than an 8 on most if not all the reasons then now is the correct time for you  to take action. Your reasons why should excite and motivate you every time that you read them.

Think about it for a minute, would ‘I want to get in shape and lose weight’ really drive you to the gym on the days you are not really up for it?.  Would it help you to avoid the constant bombardment we receive to eat unhealthy foods? I doubt it very much. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t stick with it. However if you move your thoughts to the reasons why and really focus on them you then you will certainly stick with them.

Thinking of it along the lines of I am doing this to feel healthier, have enough energy to play with the kids, to be confident in social gatherings, to feel attractive again, to be proud of my achievements however will make you much more likely to attend your gym sessions regularly and not succumb to all the sugary temptations out there. If you make the reasons why big enough you will get there no matter what!

A quick side note here, please make sure that you write down exactly what you really want and not what others want for you or what you think you should want. I slipped into this mistake when I first tried to set health and fitness goals new into the industry. I set myself the target of getting a six pack in 3 months as I thought that’s what was important as Personal Trainer. However no matter how much I tried I could never stick to the healthy eating side of my program and it was not until I realised that this was because the goal was not important to me personally. I have never been excited by the aesthetics but thought that was what I thought I wanted. but deep down this did not excite or resonate with me. Once I set my goal of being a role model and being super healthy and all the reasons why this was important to me it all clicked into place for me. These reasons why tied into my core values and beliefs and really meant something and were important to me. So make sure your reasons why are something that your truly want!

So now set 5 minutes aside grab a pen and paper and create your vison today. Make sure it is very clear and exciting for you personally.

Set yourself some measurable goals and then list as many reasons why you want to do this

At Get Result’s making it important is step number one of our journey and we have found that our clients achieve a major shift in their behaviours following this consultations.

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