Well did you see the news declaring that fats are good???? This is a message we have been preaching to our members for many years, so we are glad to see the mainstream media very slowly catching up.

I was listening to the radio and Chris Evans mentioned the story in his review of the daily papers, he then he went on to say that this is perfect timing as we have someone in to let us taste their famous banoffee pie (I nearly threw something at the radio!

This made me think that I better clarify what was meant by these reports. First of we need to be clear that when they are saying that fats are good it is only the essential fats that they saying are are good for our health. This does not give us a free reign to eat lots of takeaways and cakes loaded with man-made processed fats. Essential fats are found in foods like oily fish, olive oils, avocados, nuts, flaxseeds and eggs. These fats play a pivotal role in the body: they fight inflammation: our nervous system is encased in fat; our hormonal system is regulated by fat levels and many of our vitamins need fat to be absorbed.

Eating fat has been off the table for many people who have been diets as they believe that fat makes you fat. However in 9 out of 10 cases it is actually the excess sugar that is making you gain fat. Fat eaten from the correct sources and in appropriate portion size can actually help you lose body fat.

Fat got its bad press from the fact that there is more than double the calories in fat than inprotein or carbohydrates. This is why it is vital that you are mindful of the portion sizes that you are eating. For example a handful of almonds is a great snack however eating a bag of nuts will almost certainly put you into fat storing mode due to the excess calories.

So I hope that the latest news will finally convince any of you who have not already realised it that the diet industry is spouting you a lot of nonsense. Step away from those sugar laden low fats foods and start eating real foods containing essential fats.

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