This year I invested in a business coach to teach me how to progress and develop my business to the next level. However an added bonus I was not expecting was the great insight into what our clients must go through when they start our program. This allowed me to see getting started with a Personal Trainer from the client’s perspective.

I was unsure if I needed it, I was scared to invest that much money in myself, I was nervous of what the program involved and I was scared in case I still failed anyway.

First of before hiring a coach/trainer there is always an initial problem that is causing you pain, something that you want to change. For me it was how to develop a team and market my business. I was stuck at the same level and did not know what to do next. For our clients it is often a feeling of being overweight, low in confidence, low in energy and suffering from aches and pains.

I first saw the business coach that I worked with speaking at an event 6 months prior to me starting with their program. The information they gave was great, but I thought I could implement these changes on my own without having to invest in their program. Six months down the line my business did not look much different and I was still going around in the same circles. This mirrored what I see a lot with people’s health and fitness. They often here trainers giving advice then think I can do this on my own, but months and even years can past by without them truly changing.

So why does this happen? Why do we often struggle when we try to go it alone?

The first thing that really worked for me in the business coaching program was the fact that I had spent the money and was now determined to see a return on my investment.

This reaction has been reflected in our programs. Since we moved our program over to a monthly program we have seen the results we get with our clients increase greatly. Clients are far more committed and much more proactive at following the steps.

The second positive was the accountability that it provided. Knowing my coach had set me tasks and would be checking up on my progress made me focus sharper and get things done more efficiently week to week which ultimately began to move me forward. Many of our clients also report that the accountability of coming to see one of our trainers each week and reporting back there progress works wonders for keeping them on track.

Looking back at my problem, I did not possess the right knowledge of how to develop and implement a plan to move my business forward and this was holding me back. When I hired an expert to guide and support me I began a steep learning curve and started moving forward. Again a big part of the Get Results Program is geared towards educating our clients on what to eat and also on how to exercise smarter for greater results. We believe that to truly achieve long term results you must fully understand what is required to achieve the results and more importantly understand why you have to do these steps. To many diets and exercise programs just tell you eat this or do this but there is no reasoning behind them (and often little to no sense also!). We make sure our clients understand how their body works and the impacts certain foods have on them.

Another great thing about having a coach for me was the fresh perspective that it brough. We all spend so much time in our own heads we often can’t see the wood for the trees. This applied to me, the things that the coach pointed out to me were pretty damn obvious but I just wasn’t seeing them at that time. This happens often with our clients, they are doing things that are holding them back but they simply can’t see them at this time then once we highlight it to them it makes perfect sense.

When I was a manager of a large gym before, we would get an external trainer come in every six months to educate the staff on the latest in mind set and belief strategies and teach the newest exercises in the fitness industry. It was amazing to see the positive affect this had on my team, but what amazed me even more was how this motivation and enthusiasm only lasted 3-4 weeks. Staff would slip back into their old habits, lose motivation and gradually stop doing everything they had been taught! This was real light bulb moment for me that led me to conclude that the accountability and motivation provided by an ongoing coaching plan is invaluable. Too many people have short spikes of motivation and action but ultimately slip backwards without the ongoing support

Getting a coach may seem expensive but when you tally up the money wasted on gym memberships, diet groups, exercise machines and dvd’s that most people waste and fail on then getting a coach may be a much smarter investment

You all know the saying do the same get more of the same. I found getting a coach stopped me being stuck in a rut and started me moving forward again. Do you need to do the same with your health and fitness??

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Here is what our clients have to say:

“The Get Results Program challenged my preconceived ideas about metabolic training/weight training. It has hugely influenced my fitness regime and I am now seeing progress week on week. I was in a rut doing lots of cardiovascular training and making little progress with my fitness level or shape. My posture is so much better and my back is no longer sore. My core is stronger and I’m generally much more toned, without having developed too much muscle! My diet is more balanced and I experience much less of the carb/sugar highs and lows. I have kept working through the Get Results Program for 16 weeks now and am still seeing improvement. It’s now become more of a lifestyle than just a training program. Thanks again”

– Paul. Katie


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