How we recommend that you get through the Coronavirus period as healthily as possible

Hi, as your local personal trainer I thought it important that I give you some advice and support to help get you through these uncharted waters that we find ourselves in. Over the next week or so I wanted to provide some information on how to get through this crisis in as healthy a way as possible.

Times like these can certainly have a negative impact on your health, and this is not just relating to those that contract the disease. I think it can potentially have a negative impact on all our health. This can be due to several factors; you are likely to be stressed and anxious, you might be stress eating, or moving less or you might feel like just going to bed and hoping this will all blow over.

The first topic I wanted to discuss was your mental health. This outbreak will most likely have an negative impact on your mental health. I’m betting like me this uncertainty over jobs; loved ones health; the change to your normal routine is making you feel uneasy, stressed or anxious (or all three). I think this inevitable. So it is important that you find some strategies to help offset these negative thoughts and feelings

  1. Try not to let your mind run away with you. If you feel your thoughts spiralling into all the worst case scenarios, try visualising a stop sign. Take a breath and try and think of something else or do something that requires you to concentrate. Practise this as much as you can over the next few days as your brain is going to want to lead you down some dark and worrying paths.
  2. As a personal trainer I’m guessing you are expecting this one from me, but keeping moving is essential for your mental health. There is a good chance you are in the fight or flight mode most of the time at the moment. So to offset these physiological response you must keep moving. That is ultimately what the stress response was designed for. to ready you for physical exertion. And remember exercise will release mall those feel good hormones that will be hugely beneficial at this time.
  3. Listen to upbeat music, watch funny programs, speak with your positive friends that make you laugh. I think it is important that we stay positive as much as we possible can.
  4. If you have learned any relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation or yoga. Now would be a great time to practise these daily.
  5. Help someone in your community if you can. Whether that is buying them in some groceries or giving them a call to keep them company it is a win, win situation. They will feel good for receiving it and you will certainly feel good for doing something nice and feeling you are still contributing something positive to the world.

I hope this post helps you to start to plan out your health actions for the upcoming weeks. Keep your eyes and ears open for more tips to follow and feel free to give me your feedback or any questions you may have.

Lead Trainer
Get Results Fitness