This week I felt like I was having the type of day that many of our clients describe to us when they are struggling with their program. The previous weekend I was really busy so didn’t do my usual food shopping, then come the Tuesday morning when I went to the fridge there was absolutely nothing healthy to eat. We had ordered an online shop that was full of healthy food and I was praying it would arrive before I had to leave for the workshop I was going to for Personal Trainers in Glasgow later that morning on how to improve the fitness industry in Scotland. I waited as late as I could for the shopping to arrive, but no joy, I had to leave with only my water in hand ( a big change from the usual pile of Tupperware and cups!).

The best thing I could have for breakfast was a banana and peanut butter and plan B was to stop in at the shops on the way to the venue and grab something to make a chicken salad for my lunch then I would get something for dinner on my way from the course to the gym in the late afternoon to train our clients. Traffic was bad, meaning I didn’t have time to stop in at the shops, so I arrived at the course empty handed.

By 12.30 pm, my blood sugar levels had crashed and I was struggling to stay focused. Lunch was wheeled out around 1pm and it was sandwiches, fruit and crisps. It was a working lunch so my two options were eat bread or go without. I contemplated going without then I thought better of it as I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the end of the workshop on the small breakfast I had eaten 5-6 hours earlier. So I had inhaled some sandwiches and instantly felt my blood sugar levels rise again. However by the time the workshop had finished and I was driving to the gym I could feel my blood sugar levels crash again, and in the shops looking  for dinner the thought of salads did not seem appealing. I was looking at foods I would normally never consider eating during a working day. I managed to talk myself into the salad but grabbed a bar of chocolate to fill the gap as it was going to be able a while before I was able to sit down to my dinner.

Later that day, I felt my energy levels gradually dwindle, my digestion felt sluggish and I my sinuses were all bunged up from the bread.

Slipping up like this reaffirmed how easy it is to get your food choices wrong and highlighted to me again the importance of being ahead of the game with your food plan; you must get your shopping done and plan your meals in advance if you are ever to master a healthy lifestyle.

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