I have just started reading Chris Evans the radio and TV presenter’s latest book ‘Call the Midlife’ where he is basically documenting the year leading up to his 50th birthday. In one of the chapters he asked his doctor the health issues that anyone in the 40-70 age bracket should be concerned about and what does she recommend to increase his chances of living a good quality life full of health for at least another 20 years. I had to share her answers with you as this the exact message we are aiming to get across with our Glasgow personal training program.

She starts of by saying that she doesn’t believe that it is a positive that we are keeping people alive for longer as much of their life’s after 50 are of poor quality. She believes that we should be focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to the number of years we alive.
She put together a list of top 10 bits the over 40’s need to Worry About. These are in order of importance (I bet that most of you reading this would not have put them in this order!)


1. Joints
2. Bones
3. Muscles
4. Heart
5. Brain
6. Cells
7. Teeth
8. Lungs
9. Skin
10. Bladder
She goes on to explain that her “top three” of joints, bones and muscles although not life threatening alone when they fail, they will dictate the quality of life that you lead while you are still here. She states that if you are still able to move you will be amazed at how that will help to continue to help you maintain your health.


Her list of things to concentrate on particularly for 40-60 year olds are stretching, exercise, massages, sauna and steams. Lots and lots of water, greens, fish, quality meat and crosswords and reading to keep the brain ticking over. She talked at length about doing everything you can not to get fat. She gave the example of sticking the body of a double decker bus on the chassis of a Morris Minor. Same engine, same fuel tank and same suspension and yet somehow we are surprised when the body begins to break down! She said fatness leads to lethargy, which leads to more fat, more lethargy and eventually seizure which is the beginning of the end. Not to mention diabetes, which can be a horrible disease.


Her next pearls of wisdom were use it or lose it is the key thing to remember as we get older. This is so important especially when it comes to the muscles and brain, which of course is a muscle anyway. As you get older you must keep moving, you must never stop moving!
She finishes by saying that keeping alcohol to a minimum is important and by minimum she means no more than one glass of wine.


Our clients predominantly fall into the 40-70 age group, originally this happened by accident until one day we took a step back and took a look at the demographics of our clients, and we were surprised to find this out. Over the past 3-4 years we have tailored the program more to this age group (how a 40 plus person and 20 something exercises more often than not should be drastically different) and loved seeing many of them achieve things with their health that was previously beyond their wildest dreams. We value working with this age group as we believe this is a crossroad point in most people life where if they don’t take action the only way is down when it comes to their health. However when they work with us we can add many more quality years onto their life’s. This allows them to continue with their hobbies, enjoy seeing their kids and grand-kids and when it comes the time they can enjoy their hard earned retirement in style not in pain!

I hope this has inspired you to take care of your health as much as it did me when I read it for the first time.

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