Up until the past few years it was thought to be impossible to spot reduce your fat stores. By this we mean do anything to specifically target your problem areas that you hold onto fat the most. But research has now shown there is a way to target the problem area. Where you hold  fat very closely linked to your hormonal system. So by balancing the appropriate hormones we can target those problem fat areas.

Before specifically targeting problem areas you must first complete level 1 of the fat loss jigsaw where you will eat a clean, natural and well balanced diet; exercise 2-3 times per week; be active and drink plenty of water. Once you have being doing this for a minimum of 4 weeks and have started to experience a reduction in your body fat you can then start to really monitor where your problem fat stores are.

Fat stored above your hips (muffin top) is linked to insulin, meaning you are eating too many sugary and starchy foods. Fat stored around your upper back is linked to how well your body metabolizes carbohydrates. Fat stored in your thighs and bum is linked to excess oestrogens. Fat around your belly is linked to cortisol (stress hormone) and fat stored in the back of your arms or chest is linked to your androgen levels (sex hormones).

To target you problem areas you must look to balance your hormones through appropriate eating plans, exercise regimes and lifestyle choices that will have the desired effects on the appropriate hormones.

For example someone with an out of sync cortisol response would be advised to introduce relaxation techniques, assess their total stress levels, avoid all stimulants and keep their workout short and sharp.

Many clients have found that when they start to follow the appropriate protocols for their problem area that they very quickly start to see a reduction of fat from the areas they have always struggled to lose from.