Last night as I was finishing my session with one of our clients and I couldn’t help but have a big smile on my face as I watched him power through a really challenging workout. I particularly marvelled at his athleticism and stamina, and I thought to myself I bet you if I brought a stranger in off the street to watch him do this workout their response would have been ‘ah but he has probably always been fit’, or  they might say “he must have plenty of time to workout every day to get so fit”. The client in question is a lawyer with a really hectic work schedule (so free time is at a premium for him), but what is more amazing is the fact that when he did his first session with us he moved like his muscles were made off lead. He also tired pretty quickly, feeling breathless and sore.

He says now looking back at the first workout he was beginning to accept the fact that this was what being in your 50’s must feel like. It is normal to have aches and pains and lower energy levels and the middle age spread is just inevitable- nothing you can do about that!

So what is his secret? How has he managed to put two fingers up to the ageing process and feel like he is back to the way he felt 20 years ago???? Well first off he committed 100% to doing a minimum of two quality exercise sessions per week every single week. Despite his incredibly busy diary he managed to book these sessions in and was there at his session rain hail or snow. (so many people end up staying in the office longer than planned and before you know it the planned session has been skipped for another week) The next big change was his new habits in-between the sessions where he did a daily stretching program designed to improve his flexibility and relieve his back pain. (back pain; shoulder pein; neck pain and knee pain can often be attributed to poor posture)

Alongside this he also changed his eating habits;swapping daily sandwiches for healthy salads and soups; ditching his morning cereal and orange juice for porridge and reduced his alcohol intake to the occasional glass of wine at the weekend. These changes have had a real positive affect on his energy levels and body shape.

So there you have it, getting older doesn’t have to be mean a gradual decline into poor health and you stopping enjoying life. Over the years we have watched countless clients give two fingers up to the ageing process. To do this you must first change your mind set and not accept that these negative things you are experiencing are inevitable. You must question why? What is it that is causing you to feel the way you do? Next you must take smart action straight away.(Oh and by the way  I say smart action because how you shifted weight and got fit in your 20’s and 30’s probably won’t work the same as it did before. Your metabolism and hormones are different and your joints probably won’t thank you if you pound them too much)

If you would like some support on how to look better, feel better and move better we have 5 Step Process that supports you and covers everything you will need to succeed. Please don’t accept your lot as you get older, life is for living make sure you have great health to enjoy every day now and in the future.

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