I was listening to a very interesting podcast this week that got me thinking about how bad things have to be before we start to take action. In the podcast they spoke about the fact that for many people it takes a heart attack or not having a seat belt big enough for you on an aeroplane to spring board you into action. As a Glasgow personal trainer many people come to me having reached the point where the pain they experience or the possibility of the pain they will experience if they don’t take action is enough for them to take action.

Tony Robbins a world renowned life success coach often speaks about a human’s strong desire to move away from pain. This can be a great motivator to help you take action and stay on course towards your goals.

An example of this is a client who has worked with us for around 10 months. She had come to us because she was starting to feel the ageing process was creeping up on her rapidly. Over the past 10 year she had gradually been gaining weight, and was experiencing back and neck pain and had very little energy left each day to play with her kids or enjoy playing tennis. Her mum had died at 55 and she was turning 50 and was aware that she better take action soon. When we started the consultation it became clear that this woman had real fears of not being able to see her kids grow up, she feared dropping dead like his mum, or that she would not be able to play an active role in her kids life if she had poor health.  I don’t think she knew this was why she was there seeing me that day but when we asked the right questions these reason came to the fore quickly. It was the subconscious fear of dying or not being healthy enough to enjoy her kids that had scared her into action. Previously she had tried to get healthy by joining gyms and attending weight loss groups but she found that she would only last a few week. This was because she thought that she wanted to lose weight to look good in her clothes, but this was obviously just a small driver for her. Once we established the pain point that really mattered to her she said that she could physically feel her desire to make change start to burn inside her and it has been burning inside her ever since.

Anytime that her motivation or commitment does drops we discuss these pain point again and why it is important she sticks close to the eating plan and exercise regularly and straight away the momentum is re-established.

So ask yourself this simple question today- what is the worse things that could happen if I do not take action and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully the answers you get from this will be enough for you to also spring into action straight and not put it off for any longer.

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