The question I am getting asked more and more regularly from people in Glasgow looking for weight loss is should I detox. Before I answer this question I like to ask what they envision a detox as being.  For most people they think of a detox as drinking only green drinks for weeks. If this is what you think you need to do a detox then no I would say that it is not necessary to deprive yourself like that. However I would strongly recommend doing a regular detox where you cut out all the junk and eat good natural foods only.

We advise all our clients looking for weight loss to do a 10-14  day detox, this involves cutting out all processed foods and removing all drugs like alcohol and caffeine and eating only good, high quality natural foods. Alongside this we suggest that they get plenty of good quality sleep and up their water intake

Here are the 5 reasons why we would recommend that you do a detox.

1) Fat storage- We accumulate toxins in our fat cells, so the more toxic the body becomes the more fat cells the body will need to lay down to accommodate the toxins. Reduce toxicity levels and your body will almost instantly shift some stored body fat.

2) We recommend a detox if you are not firing on all cylinders- You don’t have to be overweight to need a detox. If you have dips in your energy levels, have difficulty focusing or thinking clearly or you lack some get up and go then there is a good chance that your toxins levels are too high and they are having a negative impact on you

3) If you are constantly battling with cravings for sugary and fatty foods then you may need to go on a detox to break free of this cycle. There are two reason why this may work; first off eating natural foods will stop you getting sugar highs and sugar lows which will stop those strong cravings for sugar. Secondly a detox can be a great way to help change your palate. Your palate adapts to the things you eat. If you can spend 10-14 days eating lots of vegetable and wholesome good quality foods then your palate will begin to change. Many of our clients are surprised when they no longer want to eat the junk food that they used to eat regularly.

4) Not a nice topic, but if you are regularly suffering from loose stools or constipation then there is a good chance that your digestive system is stressed out and is not functioning to its full capacity. This will cause you to absorb less of the goodness from your food and can also cause an increase in your toxins levels as your sluggish digestive system will not be eliminating waste efficiently. A detox can help you regain a healthy gut and digestive system.

A sign that your digestive system is functioning properly would be when  you are regularly having a bowel movement 1-2 per day, and how can I say this in a nice way, there should be no fuss (if you know what I mean!)

5) If you are getting regular colds and flu’s (more than 1-2 per year) then there is a good chance you would benefit from going on a detox. Your immune system is very closely linked to what you eat. So if you put good quality food into the body then your immune system will receive a nice boost from all these extra vitamins and minerals it will now be receiving!

Ps. Many of our clients go back to the detox part of the program any time they experience any of these five symptoms above.

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