I was sitting in a café this week when I heard a women asking her friend is it just me or is it much harder to keep weight off now that we are in our 40’s. I thought that would be a good question to answer in our newsletter so here we go.

First of it is not your imagination, it can be harder to stay in good shape as we progress through our 40’s, 50,s and 60’s. However it is not an inevitable part of ageing that we get out of shape. You just need to get smart and learn how to train and eat in a way that keeps you younger for longer (and no it does not involve a surgeon!).

There are two main things occurring as we age that can cause us to gain body fat; we are starting to lose muscle mass and our sex hormone levels are starting to lower. Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body and as this lowers as does our bodies ability to burn calories throughout the day. Our sex hormones are linked closely to our body’s ability to build muscle and retain bone density, as well as stay energised and switch of the fat storing hormones, all of which combines to make a less toned flabbier, less functional body. If you don’t lift weights, have poor sleeping patterns, have high levels of stress, or  have a poor diet then I can guarantee that you will gradually get more and more out of shape as reach your 40’s and upwards.

Here are the key secrets to get back in great shape

To look and feel great in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s you must approach your health and fitness from a holistic perspective. It is not simply a case of cutting calories and training hard anymore. There is a lot more to consider.

Functional and dynamic weight training should be the cornerstone to any exercise program, but even more so after you reach 40. This type of training ramps up your metabolism through increased muscle mass and higher levels of the sex hormones. Your body will then burn a hell of a lot more calories at rest. This was pretty much what was happening in your younger years, which was why you used to be able to get away with eating poorer food choices without your shape changing too much.

Having a good sleeping pattern will allow your body to build and repair any damage that has occurred to the muscles, cells and tissues. There is also lots of research to say that people with good sleeping habits have lower body fat percentage than those that get less than 7 hours sleep most nights.

Another reason for the cascading decrease in your health and body shape can be chronically high stress levels so it is vital that you have coping mechanism to deal with stress and keep it a manageable level that is not having a negative effect on your well-being.

Years of exercising without a good stretching routine and sitting a desk can lead to muscle tightness/imbalances which can led to chronic pain often in the neck, back, shoulders and knees. It is more important than ever at this stage in life to have a good postural correction program with plenty of flexibility and mobility exercise.

At Get Results by taking our clients through our 5 step process we have helped countless client’s look and feel better in their 40’s, 50,s and 60,s than they did in their 20’s and 30’s.

Middle age spread, aches and pain and lowered energy levels are not just part and parcel of getting old they are a sign that you are not paying enough attention to your health and are an early warning of things to come unless you take action now.

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