The average Britain will gain 5-10 pounds over the festive season, on top of that a huge percentage of people will spend Christmas with a cold or flu.

Think back to the last 3- 5 Christmases, I bet either you or one of your close friends or relative spent the Christmas holidays unwell feeling miserable?

If you want to get through Christmas this year feeling good and avoiding going back to work in January feeling overweight and run down, follow these simple steps to stay on course.

Don’t overdo the sugar– Consuming lots of sugar supresses the immune system. Vitamin C and sugar are very similar in properties, so if we eat lots of sugar the body will absorb less vitamin C which makes us more susceptible to viruses. Watch out for it this year. The perfect storm can occur for colds and flus when we over indulge with drink and sugary foods.





Have a plan- Getting through the festive season is all about control. Too many people lose control and spend weeks eating and drinking poor quality foods which can be catastrophic for your fat loss and health. We are not saying not to enjoy yourself over Christmas, however what we are advising is that you devise a plan
So for example my plan this year is as follows; I will eat what I want on Christmas day; Boxing Day my mum is having us for dinner, I will eat a starter and main but won’t have a dessert. I have a wedding on the 28th so will eat the meal and buffet. New year’s Day will be dinner at mums where I will eat what I want. Out with these cheat meals I will eat and drink the way I do the rest of the year. A wee tip to stay on course can be to commit to donating money to charity anytime you stray from the plan.



Limit alcohol- Similar to the creating a plan, pick the times when you are going to relax and have a few drinks and then keep away from it the rest of the time. Volunteer to be the designated driver (remember the new drink driving law!!). We are all creatures of habit, so having a beer or a glass of wine a few nights in a row whilst watching TV can quickly become a habit. Remember alcohol makes you crave sugary/fatty foods, lowers your mood, disturbs sleep severely increase fat storage.




Don’t turn into a night hawk– Hands up now, who does this- because you are not working the next day you absolutely throw their routine out the window, you sit up late and watch TV, then lie in late the next day? Doing this can be very stressful to the body. Try and view the holidays as a chance to revitalize yourself and you will go back to work in January full of energy rather than feeling like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards!!




Be Active- Make sure that you keep active, being sedentary and consuming lots of extra calories is a guarantee for weight gain. Keep your metabolism ramped up by doing short higher intensity sessions and get outside for a nice big walk, you will feel so much better for it.





For most of us December is generally not a great time to lose weight, so why not aim to consolidate what you have achieved this year. Relax and enjoy Christmas without going overboard and go back to work feeling great (and slightly smug) in January

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