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I have always believed that no matter what you want to achieve in life it makes sense to enrol the services of a coach/mentor or join a program that provides you with support and accountability. However even I was shocked to read the findings in a recent study at Virginia Polytechnic University. Researchers divided people starting a walking program into two groups. Every week, each individual in one group got a phone call asking how their exercise program was coming along, the other group got no calls. At the end of 24 weeks, 45% of the individuals who got the phone calls were still walking compared to just 2% who did not receive calls The results show that weekly accountability increases the likelihood of sticking to your exercise program by 2200%!

We experience this regularly with many of our clients who report that since working with us they are managing to stick to exercise and are eating healthy diet consistently for the first time in their lives!. They tell us that just knowing that they are meeting us each week keeps them focused.When you have a second person invested in your results you are much more likely to not want to let them down or fail in front of others. Another reason for the great levels of success we have with our clients can be simply put down to the fact that we are tracking their progress. By doing this they are continually receiving feedback on what is working for them or looking at what may need some adjusting. By doing this we keep momentum gathering and then their success breeds more success.

In the past have you been like one of the 98% in the walking group who failed because they had nobody calling them or encouraging them to stick with the program. Well give it some thought, if it is going to increase your chances of getting the body and health that you have always wanted by 2220% surely it makes sense to get a coach involved (I almost says it is a no brainer, but I hate that saying so I will avoid it!). It can be very hard to keep the discipline, motivation and focus required to succeed with your fitness and health plan. Don’t go it alone any longer get a coach or join a group and you may have just overcome one of the biggest barriers that has been holding you back all this time!

Here is what one of our clients said about us:-

Jim Whyteside’s Testimonial

Before I started working with Get Results I was slipping into a sedentary middle-age due to long hours of driving and sitting at a PC. My posture was poor, I was flabby and lacked strength, and was following a poor diet based on convenience foods due to lack of time which in turn contributed to my general lack of energy.

Before starting I was concerned that I was going to be put through some sort of’ boot camp’ and/or have to devote hours to training that I did not have.

However I was surprised how well it was tailored for my particular circumstances and how well-rounded the advice was- it wasn’t just a programme of exercise sessions but also advice on lifestyle and diet. I was really taken aback by how little I had to do in terms of changing my behaviours to make a big difference.

I quickly lost weight (or, more accurately, fat) but more importantly have been able to maintain the lifestyle changes over a long period of time, whereas in the past I would usually give up or simply lapse back into old habits quite quickly. With my trainers encouragement and advice, I have been able to make changes that have made me feel better about myself and am confident that I can continue to make the changes needed for a more healthy and active life.