I was listening to a health podcast recently and the doctor spoke so much sense I just had to share it with you today. He says that before he treats anyone for any symptom when they come to his office he wants to know more about what he called their four pillars of health; diet, exercise, sleep and stress. By doing this he believes he can establish why they have the symptoms and then always looks to see if it is possible to get them back into balance without using drugs by trying to address the most pressing pillar that is out of balance

He said it would be like going into a garage with one wheel missing from your car and asking the mechanic to get you back on the road because your oil light is on. The mechanic then fills up your oil thingy and sends you on the road without looking at fixing the wheel.  It is only a matter of time before you do some real damage to the car. It is very much the same with your health; for example if you go to the doctor with IBS and he gives you tablets to stop the symptoms. If the IBS occurred due to stress this will without doubt manifest itself in some other way because you haven’t addressed the big problem (the missing wheel!).

This is the approach we look to take with our Glasgow Personal Training clients at Get Results Fitness. We want to make sure that all four pillars are strong and balanced to ensure optimal health.  Too many fitness professionals are only interested in the exercise pillar (some might stretch to being interested in nutrition as well). How many time have you been asked by your PT/class instructor/ gym instructor- what is your sleep like? Or how stressed are you at the moment? Because beyond any shadow of a doubt this is stuff they need to know. Your fat loss results; fitness goals and overall health will be greatly impaired if you are sleep deprived or overstressed and your fitness plan should alter to accommodate these issues. We have worked with many clients over the years who have actually benefited from exercising less intensely and introducing better sleeping habits and mechanisms to combat stress.

Currently we are looking to work with 3 people over 35 who meet the following criteria

  • Starting to feel that it is getting harder to stay in shape.
  • Want to learn how to improve their energy levels every day.
  • Either t exercise and don’t see the results you want or you struggle to stick with exercise consistently

We are offering a Free Results Based session (value £45) as a limited offer. Spaces generally fill up quickly so contact us now to reserve your space

Email info@info@www.getresultsfitness.co.uk or call 07906599210

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Yours in Health and Prosperity

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