This week we are going to look at the 5 most effective upper body exercises to include in your fitness workouts. If you are able to master these five exercises, you will build the foundation of a strong athletic body. These exercises help to ensure that they work multiple muscle groups in the upper half of your body. They also ensure that high amounts of energy are burned during and after your session.

Pull Ups

A pull-up is one of the most essential upper-body pulling exercises. Pulling you own body weight up using your arm and upper back muscles. If you are incapable of puling your own body weight, I would suggest you use a chin assisted machine. This will help reduce your body weight and will allow you to perform the pull-up with correct form.

Push Ups

A push-up is performed by placing both your hands on the ground and using your arms to push your body weight off the floor. A push-up targets your upper body, especially your arms and muscles on your upper back.  To feel the full benefits of this exercise, proper technique is crucial. If you are not strong enough to perform a push-up, you can start from your knees or try incline push-ups to reduce the load on your arms.

Cable Pulls

One armed cable pulls will target muscles in your upper back and rhomboids. This dynamic compound movement will also target your core and arms during the pulling stage of the exercise.

Cable Woodchops

Cable woodchops will work the abdominal muscles and focus on the shoulders. Using a cable weight machine like a dual adjustable pulley, this exercise is a compound movement that is simple, but very effective for beginners starting a workout routine for the first time. As you progress and get stronger, simply increase the weight to ensure you are working the muscles properly.

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips is a fantastic exercise that targets the tricep muscle that runs on the backside of your upper arm . This exercise will help to tone the tricep muscle and does not require any further equipment. They can be done on the floor and to make the exercise more difficult find a set of stairs or a step. For more advanced tricep dips you can use a pair of dip bars that will increase the load on the tricep muscle considerably.

The 5 upper body exercises mentioned in this article, if done with good form and proper technique, will help you to tone up and build lean muscle. All 5 exercises should be at the core of any basic fitness workout or routine.