I decided to write this blog today because I have noticed that many of our newer clients have had personal trainers before they start to work with us and they have had some pretty mixed experience. So I thought I would compile a do’s and don’ts list for choosing a personal trainer.

Do go with the trainer who is going to take you through a consultation and find out a bit about you and check that the program is the right fit for you. For example if someone was looking to pile on lots of muscle we would recommend another trainer for them as this is not our area of specialty. In the consultation they should also be setting goals and getting you in the correct mind-set for achieving these goals.

Don’t go with the trainer whose website or facebook page is filled with pictures of them looking buff. Just because they know how to get themselves into shape doesn’t mean they know how to help you. They might just have the gift of having good genes or they may dedicate a big portion of their lives to getting into that shape. Either way personal training is about the clients not the trainer, often the trainers has no empathy with their clients and those mirrors they have put in the gym are not for you to check out your technique but more for them to check themselves out when they are training you!

Do choose the trainer who does more than just count your reps for you. Your trainer should be continually monitoring your technique and when needed should be given you pointers on how to correct any technique flaws you may have.

Stay away from the trainer who is not happy unless you are limping out the door. Every session does not have to end with you on your hands and knees begging for mercy. If you are overstressed or a bit run down sometimes a lighter workout may actually be the better option, or if you are stiff or sore concentrating on postural corrections may actually mean you can train harder down the line and not have to take time of due to injury caused by training inappropriately.

Do choose the trainer that has a proven system. Ok we know everyone is individual and there is no one size fits all when it comes to getting results, however they should have a systemised program to offer you. We have a 5 Step Program we take our clients through and then adapt this to their individual needs when required. This cover everything from nutrition advice, exercise programming and lifestyle guidance.

Don’t go with a trainer that is hell bent on selling you supplements. Lots of trainers out there will convince you that to get great results you need to be taking supplements (that they just so happen to be distributors off). A bit of guidance from your trainer on which supplements in their opinion you would benefit from is ok but just avoid the hard seller looking to fleece you of your money.

Do go for the more experienced trainer. Did you know that you can qualify to be a Personal Trainer in as little as six weeks! This genuinely scares the life out of me.

My journey has saw me work in gyms, manage gyms, work in work with specialist health programs, attend countless courses and seminars, learn from physios, pilates instructors, yoga instructors and deliver 1000’s of hours of 1-1 training and I am still learning every day! Oh and much of what you learn on the basic Personal Training courses is outdated.

So basically many personal trainers out there know just a little more than you and can then call themselves personal trainers.

Don’t go with the screamer unless you are into that. Lots of trainers treat their clients like soldiers and scream and bawl at them for the full session pushing them to the point of collapse. If this is right  up your street then that’s great. However we believe that a trainer should change his delivery style to suit the individual. We don’t scream at our clients and we don’t seem to have any issues around getting them motivated and pushing them hard enough to see results. Much of the screaming is just for show. So again this goes back to the importance of having a consultation with your trainer before you sign up to make sure you are a good fit for each other.

I hope this has been a useful guide for you and like everything in life, go with your gut. If they don’t seem legit to you or are not the right fit for you just make an excuse and get out of there. There are plenty of good trainers about so make sure you get one of the good ones!

Yours in health and prosperity


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