Ok we are now officially entering the crazy season and I know that for anyone looking to stay/get in shape this can be a very challenging time of the year. Before you stress too much about this we have created a quick fire Xmas Survival Plan for you to follow to make sure you go into 2016 looking and feeling great!

1) Stop for a minute- Before the madness really kicks in grab a quick cuppa and take 10 minutes to remind yourself of why being healthy is important you. Write all these reasons down and maybe set yourself a  few short term goal to keep you focused over the next few weeks and then try and read these reasons and goals every day for the rest of December

2) Pick when you are going to take time off- The odd glass of wine or nice dinner and dessert over Christmas is not going to cause too much damage to your health and fitness progress, however weeks of eating and drinking whatever you want will almost certainly have a catastrophic impact on your quest for better health. So aim to enjoy the occasional treat and don’t beat yourself up too much when you do relax a little, the key is to always aim to stay in control

3) Only buy in what you need- A big mistake I see people making every year at xmas is buying in enough booze, food and treats to feed a small army. Inevitably whatever is left over ends up getting eaten on the lazy days in-between xmas and new year lying around watching TV. Shop smart and pap off any leftovers away with your guests!

4) Keep Moving- Just because you are breaking your routine of going to work etc, doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. If you can’t be bothered going to the gym why not do a quick body weight sessions in the house, or get the family wrapped up and go for a nice walk to blow of the cobwebs.

5) Keep some structure in your routine- Aim to get to bed at your normal time as much as possible over the festive season. Lots of late nights will really screw with your body’s systems; Late nights mean you are more likely to get up later skipping breakfast. Sleep deprivation also lowers your will power, and can supress your immune system which will increase your chances of picking up more colds and flus. And we all know if you are tired from late nights you are going to be much less likely to want to exercise.

Another tips is to aim to stick to the normal eating times that your body has become accustomed to. Straying away from these can really mess up your blood sugar levels which will cause you to binge on fatty and sugary foods.

6) Limit your alcohol- Unless you want to go back to your work in January feeling lousy having gained some extra timber, I would recommend keeping alcohol to the occasional treat over the festive season. It can be very easy to get into the habit of having a glass of wine most nights to relax because you are not up early for work the next day. Before slipping into this habit ask yourself do you really need the wine or is a nice relaxing night in the house with friends and family enough to make it a special time anyway.

7) Stay Calm- I find it really sad when you see people stressed out and miserable at Christmas (usually overworked mums!). Again take some sometime and think what makes a great Christmas for you ? What would it look like, what is it that is actually really important to you (not what the advertising machine has created to make you believe is important- the big elaborate expensive event is always necessary). So what if you can’t get the exact wine or meat that you wanted from the shops or if you can’t get the perfect gift for every single person you know. Try and make this Christmas a stress free, relaxed event were you give yourself a little break and just enjoy the moment with your family and friends for what it is. Don’t waste it by putting undue stress on yourself. And remember and take a much needed rest to recharge you batteries to take on 2016 with all guns blazing!

PS. you will thank me for this when you go back to your work In January and hear your colleagues complaining of being ill over Christmas and you can sit back and watch them panic about the weight that they have put on again!

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