We are almost two months into our new online Fit After 50 membership program and I want to write a quick report on how things have been going.

Within the membership we have been meeting online twice per week to do an instructor led workout together.


The Monday session is a strength workout where we take into consideration all the aspects of strength that over 50’s should be focusing on (which is predominantly preserving and building muscle and improving power).

We have been doing this in a way that ensures the workouts are progressive and safe for every attendee. It has been great getting feedback from members who are saying that they are starting to see their muscles firm up and feel stronger, tackling tasks away from the gym.


Then on Friday’s we are doing a focused mobility and posture session. I love these sessions as it irons out any stiffness that has accumulated over the week that can occur from being stuck at the computer.

We also look to activate and strengthen some postural muscles that are at risk of losing strength as we get older. Again, the members are reporting that they enjoy the mix of mobilisers, Yoga and Pilates that we do in these workouts and feel it is reducing aches and pains, helping them move better.


The main reasons we started this membership was that in my 20 years of working in fitness and listening to experts speaking about the really low levels of engagement with fitness facilities in the UK.

Around 14% of Brits regularly attend a health club, and I would imagine that this number is even lower in over 50’s.

…we have realised that we need to find an alternative way for non-gym goers to get fit and strong. This past year has shown me that for non-gym goers (or generally busy people) working out from the comfort of your home with the support and accountability of an experienced trainer might be the solution people need to make exercise a regular feature in their lives.

Working out from your home takes away some of the biggest barriers to exercise.

Time being one of the main barriers. Our online program greatly reduces the time required for exercise. We have members who are finishing work 5 minutes before our sessions starts and quickly changing into their workout gear and away they go!

The workouts are also designed in a way that maximises your exercise time, no waiting about for equipment, no having to think of what to do next and no procrastination about getting started or checking your phone mid workout as a distraction method. These workouts are focused and effective.

When it comes to any human behaviour more often than not, we will take the path of least resistance. Amazon have seen their growth increase exponentially since they made the buying experience so easy. In a study on gym attendance, they changed the entry system from a fob to a keypad where you had to enter an 8-digit number and they found the simple act of having to enter a number reduced attendance.

So, this program is about making exercise a part of your life in the simplest way possible. We want the resistance to exercise to be minimised to as low a point as possible.

As we are slowly getting back to normal life, for a lot of people the diaries are starting to fill up now again with engagements. I believe this might actually be a good thing for those that were considering this program before but who might have been put off because they had become sick of doing almost every aspect of their life in front of a computer during the lockdowns.

Now that you are getting busier again, maybe having a workout plan that is easier to fit into your life will allow you more time to do all those other things you have been missing out on will work well for you.


Another thing people have liked about the program is that they can either do it live or catch up at a time more convenient to them because:

We send a recording of the workout to them after each session.

So, they never miss a workout and are managing to get some serious momentum going with their exercise.


If you have followed us at all over the past 10 years you will know that we have a passion for increasing people’s health and giving them the tools to thrive well into their 80’s and beyond.

This program is designed for anyone who wants to take control of their health and fitness.

Much of the fitness industry is about training to failure, smashing personal bests or getting a six pack. These things are all great, but for us the ultimate goal is to be fit and strong for as long as we possibly can.

So, if you or anyone you know would like to give this membership a try, get in touch and we can get you started on Your Fit After 50 Journey straight away.

We want to help as many clients as possible achieve their fitness goals and we are passionate about making this program a great place to go.

What’s more, the whole membership is only £55 per month.


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