During lockdown last year I was forced into considering working out from home for the first time in my life. Up until then I had always liked to keep my exercise and home life separate from each other.

By the time it had dawned on me that we were going to be stuck in the house for a while and that I better explore some options for home equipment everything was either sold out or the prices had soared to a ridiculous level.

That’s when I explored the possibility of getting some kind of pull up and dip station, as I thought back on how when I was younger I had seen some of my best results in terms of my shape changing and strength improvements from doing a simple pull up, press up and dip program.

When I was looking at options I was aware that a few of our online clients were trying the pull up bars that fit into your doorways and I was not impressed by how secure they were as they kept slipping down and it was always a real hassle involved when they were adjusting them for different exercises.

The price for Pull Up Mate was very reasonable, the reviews were positive and they had some still in stock. So pull up mate seemed to fit exactly with what I was looking for.

I couldn’t believe that when I contacted Pull Up Mate, because of my audience they offered to send me their equipment for free, provided I gave them an honest review!

So, Here It Is…

My only concern was that it might not be as easy to use as the YouTube videos made it appear (I am not the best handyman in the world). However when it arrived I took it straight out the box in my kitchen and I was doing pull ups and dips straight away, switching between different exercises with complete ease.

Luck would have it that the next few months we had great weather in Scotland and I started doing my workouts outside with the Pull Up Mate and a few kettlebells that I had lying around from classes I used to run. I loved the fact that after a day of homeschooling and work I could get the boys in bed and be doing a workout in my driveway straight away.

Fast forward 16 months and I have now converted my garage into a gym and the pull up mate plays an integral part in every workout I do.

It has been a revelation!

It is such a quick and effective way to workout. My chest, back and shoulder muscles have grown back to what they were in my 20’s and I feel strong.

I know a lot of people may think that the Pull Up Mate is only for those who can already do pull ups and dips. However, now that lockdown is easing I am using the garage gym with a few of my friends as a social-get-together-workout-thing on a Wednesday night and there is a mix of abilities coming along.

By using power bands and by putting the equipment in different positions we all can do different exercises with different difficulty levels and a few of the guys are now getting close to doing full pull ups for the first time in their life!

There is also a lot more that can be done with the Pull Up Mate for those that are more gymnastic focused than I am, you just need to look on youtube to see what some of the guys are doing on there with their Pull Up Mate.

So if you like the idea of working in your house, outside or in your garage I would certainly recommend getting a Pull Up Mate. It has completely inspired me to workout from home which is much more realistic to fit into my work schedule and family life. My wife is now joining in and my kids love trying pull ups and swinging from the Pull Up Mate as well.

You can get the Pull Up Mate here (I am not affiliated with them in any way other than the honest review that they requested).

Below is me doing my favourite exercises on the pull up mate and a few examples of how you can make things easier for beginners.



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