I am just back from a weekend in Aviemore, the 3 hour drive up there was the longest journey I have been in the car this year, then add sleeping in a strange bed, and by the first morning of our holiday I woke up feeling like an old man! I took the dog out for a walk and went to kick the ball and my hamstring did the dreaded ping.

I have encountered this countless times over the years, where clients come back from travelling and they are feeling stiff and not moving well.

The general guidelines we try to give are; if you are on a plane aim to get up and stretch your legs every 20-30 minutes. However we have been informed that due to COVID restrictions you could face a whole flight without being able to get up and move (only short tips directly to the toilet are allowed and only if nobody else is using it). If you are driving again try and take regular breaks as much as possible.

Once you get to your destination, spend 10-15 minutes working on a few mobilisers to loosen off the tension that has gathered in the body during the journey. Then if you are stiff in the mornings when you wake up repeat again.

Below are the mobilisers I would recommend. These mobilisers really work and could stop you suffering through another holiday or work and have you breezing about pain free and ready to take on the world.

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